Missionaries from the Middle East to the Midwest.

Pastor Ajai and Maureena were born and raised in North India and served God by pioneering, planting and growing underground churches in the Middle East for 14 years; playing an imperative role in the revival of the underground church in that region. Upon the dawning of their 14th year serving, God ignited the vision of reviving America in their hearts. 

Both have been completely devoted to rearing up a new God-centered generation in and through The Well of Iowa ever since 2007 shortly after Pastor Ajai heard God's call to come Pastor in Iowa after finishing his MDiv at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. 

Their greatest hope and desire is for the American church to be re-impassioned for Christ at every level so that she too could experience the same blessings enjoyed by much of the underground church throughout the world. This desire has been encapsulated in what we now call "The Elim Arrival - A movement to bring a lost generation to the rest found in Jesus one life at a time." 

This movement incorporates fostering a culture of family/discipleship (The Elim House), caring for our local church community (The Well of Iowa), initiating city-wide initiatives to serve and empower area local churches and church leaders, and pioneering a state wide tour and gathering under the banner of Revive Me Iowa.

For our NATION to be revived, our STATES must be revived. And for our STATES to be revived, our CITES must be revived. For our CITIES to be revived, our CHURCHES must be revived. And for my CHURCH to be revived, I MUST BE REVIVED. 

- Pastor Ajai Prakash