Bash@CR: He Is Our Refuge

On September 25, The Elim Arrival had the opportunity to join many other artists and the community in a night of music, food and worship. The week leading up to this event was quite hectic as Cedar Rapids prepared for the second worst flood in city history. 

The rising water levels almost lead to a cancelling of the entire event, but by God’s grace, we were able to move the event to Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids. Driving into the parking lot to enter the event, you found many people in the community working hard to put together sand bags to help prevent flood damage.

A band coming out of Nashville, put together by the former bass guitarist of the Newsboys, was the headliner of the night. Zealand Worship closed off the night after our friends White Ribbon Day, who had played after us.

In all honesty, I was quite moved by Zealand Worship.  So often, there can be this type of “competition” in ministry that I find to be very detrimental. It distracts from the entire point of what the ministry of Christ is about but Zealand brought something that night that was so authentic and true.

Lyrics from their song ‘That’s who You Are,’ 

“You are the rest for the weary

The hope and the healer

God above all things

That's who You are

You are the truth that is standing

When the world is changing

You are forever

Lord of it all.”

I found this song to be filled with such truth and a great reminder of who God is. So often we can be so distracted by the “floods” in our life. Cedar Rapids was expecting major flood damage, but we prayed. The damage ended up being so much less than expected - we prayed.

There are many things to fear in this life and many floods that may be on their way to you - pray. Jesus is the Truth that is standing, when the world is changing. He is the Lord of it all. 

-On behalf of The Well of Iowa and The Elim Arrival