Camp Wyoming: Young and Free

On September, 16-17 The Elim Arrival returned to Camp Wyoming to help serve middle school students. We were able to join them in a night session of worship and also for a morning session as well.

Middle school can be a very formative time for students, where we may be driven the most to find our identity in how others perceive us. Often we are so driven by our feelings in middle school and do not make many choices based off of reason and responsibility. It is when we are very young and at times can feel so invincible.

However, this is a time in a person’s life that could be so opportune for them. If we were to take hold of our life in a manner that many don’t, and follow Jesus in our young years, we would grow in a wisdom beyond measure that could exceed that of many adults. It is a time where a student can become a great leader and keep themselves free of a lot of bondage and baggage that can accumulate through middle school and high school years.

This night ended up being one that shocked me. During worship, these kids blew us away at their response, energy and freedom.  I was reflecting during this time and realizing how much God loves the worship of an innocent soul. I also realized that often when kids come to Christ they have a perception that everything has to be happy and dandy. This is not the case though. I proclaimed to them that every song that is sung does not have to be happy. God loves an honest song. 

The theme of this week was prayer. Praying can come off as so boring to kids in their middle school years. I know for me when I was that age it definitely had that type of stigma to me. I just want to encourage students to take that time out and pray. If you commit your life to Jesus now, the fruit you will bear and the impact you will make at a young age will be far greater than you could have ever imagined. You will go so far beyond your years.  

-On behalf of The Well of Iowa and The Elim Arrival