Finding Rest and Then Reaching the Rest

The Elim Arrival was invited to New Covenant Bible Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on Friday June 10, 2016.  We were given this opportunity through connections with Intervarsity at Coe College and a relationship we have built with their leader Joseph Brinkmann.  It was a time of fellowship, celebration, worship, and supplication.

The night started off with a tasty dinner that was made of delicious dishes that are often made in India.  Shortly after dinner, Joseph introduced us as we made our way up to lead a time of worship.  In honesty, what was expected was that we would play a few songs and people would enjoy the time and that would be that.  However, God seems to work even in the moments that we expect to be more casual and laid back. 

We played songs that acknowledge the brokenness within ourselves, the heart crying out for a healing consolation from God, and the detrimental need of revival in our lives.  People not only resonated with the words that were spoken/sung, but even met with us afterwards to testify how it impacted them. 

Our worship followed up with Joseph Brinkmann speaking to those present about all the different ministries coming out of Intervarsity and the amazing impact it is having on so many lives.  Joseph also humbly brought to light how much work ministry can be and his strong desire and need to form more of a team to help reach out.  Jesus even acknowledges this reality in ministry as He said “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” 

I encourage anyone who has a heavy heart for college students to pray and see if this may be an outlet for you to exercise your service to God and others. 

As a team we are very thankful for yet again another opportunity to go out and serve.  We want to encourage all that have already found rest in Jesus, to strive to go and reach the rest.

-On behalf of the Well of Iowa and the Elim Arrival