Heroes of Faith

On Monday June 20, 2016 the Elim team made their way out to Bristol, Iowa to serve approximately 40 campers at North East Iowa Christian Service Camp (NEICSC).  This is the first week of high school camp for the summer and by God’s grace we will be back to the camp in July.  The whole theme for this summer at NEICSC is focusing on the “Heroes of faith” that we find throughout God’s Word, primarily giving attention to Hebrews chapter 11.

Throughout this chapter we find many men whom God used to do amazing things; things that could only be done by faith and with God’s intervention.  It is beautiful how we can look back at these stories and these men and really learn a lot from them.  

In 1 Corinthians 10:11, Paul talks about how the story of the Israelites and their disobedience was written down as an example and warning for us in our lives.  I think it is the same way regarding these men of faith and their stories and that they were written down as an example of faithfulness for us. 

There are three very important things we can take away from these men of faith and apply to our own walk of faith.  The first thing to take note of regarding these faithful men is that at one point almost every single one of them have a famous part of their story of when they fell on their face.  That is something important for us to take away because so often we are living defeated lives because of times we have fell. 

However, just as David when he fell, it is important for us to take sin very seriously and come to God with a true heart of repentance and turn away from those things which so easily entangle.   We must learn to press on after we fall and continue running the race, just as these heroes of faith did. 

The second thing to take note of is that we so often think we have to be the heroes of our own life.  We live in a country that is very individualistic and honors self-sufficiency.  “I can do this, you got this, I am just going to do me, I can do anything I put my mind to.”  While all these things sound nice, it leads us to a state of being where we are trying to save ourselves and we find ourselves overcome with our brokenness, shame, and incapability of being our own hero.  That is where we have to acknowledge that we cannot conjur up our own salvation but instead we should come to Jesus with the prayer, “Save me from me Oh Lord.” 

There is only one true Hero that can truly save us, and He wore a cross as His cape. 

The final thing to take note of is that we should be so encouraged that we are not the hero of our own life and despite our failures, shortcomings, and weaknesses we can run this race by faith and live in a state of hope and rest.  The amazing thing that can happen through us living this way, is that God can use us to be a broken hero full of hope to others, just as He did with the heroes of faith in His Word.  

Therefore, go and be a broken hero for broken souls, pointing to the perfect Hero who gives us all hope and salvation when we give our lives to Him. 

Be Blessed.

-On behalf of the Well of Iowa and The Elim Arrival