ELIM at Clarksville: Turn Yourself to Me

The Elim Arrival returned to Clarksville, Iowa on Sunday, August 7 to the Clarksville Church of Christ.

Val Swinton, pastor of the church, graciously allowed us to lead his congregation in worship and gave our beloved Pastor Ajai the privilege to deliver a sermon on revival.

Pastor Ajai gave his message with a focus on passages from Psalm 119.  He mentioned several verses that used this cry from the author: “Revive me.” 

There was one in particular that stuck out to me, which is so essential for us in this life, “Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things, and revive me in Your way” (Psalm 119:37).  I think all of us can agree that often we get so entangled and consumed by things that are fleeting and last but for a moment. We allow the anxieties which come from worthless things to drain us. We allow the turmoil which comes from futile things to depress us. We bend our knee to things which we know only satisfy us for a moment while at the same time sacrificing the virtuous things of God which are everlasting.

I do not write these things to condemn you but rather to remind you and myself that God has much greater things in store for us. Revival is not conjuring up some type of overly spiritual behavior but rather it is turning our eyes away from things that are worthless and setting our vision on the ways of God. 

Revival without repentance and turning to God is like faith without works which only reveals that so called “faith” was actually dead.

Let us keep in mind that God is not like the Pharisees who just want to bind us with heavy burdens that are hard to bear, laying them on our shoulders only to crush us. Rather, He wants us to turn to Him, and take off the worthless things which weigh us down to the point of destruction and to lay our every fear and longing at His feet.

O Lord, turn away our eyes from looking at worthless things and revive us in Your way!

-On behalf of The Well of Iowa and The Elim Arrival