Awesome God

So often, those of us in the church and/or heavily involved with ministry, find ourselves surrounded by life's many problems. We see the constant trials and tribulations of the world we live in. Experiencing sickness, pain, depression, loss, conflict, broken homes or families and so many other "setbacks" in our daily lives; we become so much more focused on these things and they overshadow the joy and greatness of God. As God's people, we are called to lift our hands and praise or bless God (Psalm 141:2). How often do we genuinely look beyond all of the daunting and troubling obstacles in our lives, praising God for His awesomeness? How do we "lift up our hands and bless the Lord" as the psalmist instructs, when such turmoil and heart ache plague us? 

During our Sunday service, Pastor Ajai preached a sermon explaining, in greater depth, the Awesome God we serve. The passage can be found in Deuteronomy 4:32-40. Moses is addressing God's people whom He brought out from Egypt. Moses is reflecting to the people of the miraculous wonders done by God to protect them, and deliver them out of the fire and out of the hands of their enemies. The incredible lengths the Lord went to in order to insure the survival and preservation of His people, should all serve as reminders for all those of us who choose to cling onto Him today. Just as God was faithful during the time of Moses, we too can trust in the Lord our God. Even in the midst of absolute desolation, we have an AWESOME GOD and there is no one else like Him (Deut. 4:35, 39)

No matter what's going on in our lives, none of it changes the awesomeness and sovereignty of God. So long as we are faithful to Him and abide in His ways, the Lord will bring us out of the pits of darkness that so often seem to swallow us. And He will do it, not because He needs us or because of something we've done, but because He is an awesome God with an awesome love for His people.

There were a few new attendees this service. We were all encouraged seeing less familiar faces and hear them voicing their needs for prayer. Even after hearing a number of hardships and cries being lifted up in Christ's body; through song, prayer and the preaching of God's word, it was an especially powerful time of healing and worship. 

After the church service, several of us went out to the Lake Mcbride State Park and took advantage of the beautiful warm weather. The nine of us spent time bonding together, not just as a people who do church together once a week. We were bonding together as a family going out on a celebratory picnic, and it was a very enjoyable time for everyone who got to partake. The funny thing is that it was all put together in the spur of the moment when Maureena (Pastor's wife) had a simple idea of us all going outside and having lunch together. I, for one, am very glad she made mention of her idea! It was a great meal and a fun time spent with the people God has made family. 

In the evening, many of us gathered for The Extra Mile (Young Adults Group) where Sunny helped prepare us for the upcoming Easter event, that our ministry of The Well is heading up. The major point in all of this is that #HisLoveMatters and during this time we were able to better establish the objective and theme we have for this Easter Event. Why does His love matter? Well, because even in a world where there's so much division and separation over race, sexual orientation, gender, political views or economic status... we ALL bleed the same. Your blood is the same color as mine, no matter the several other things that set us apart or make us different. We all bleed red. Even more importantly, Jesus bled to bring us all together and save everyone from eternal death. It doesn't matter what skin colour, sexually orientation, gender, nationality...etc you may have. Christ's blood was the same color as every other man or woman on earth, and it was shed for every single one of us.