The Month of April

4/2 "Imitators of Christ" (Ephesians 5:1-9)
4/9 "Be the Family" (1 Corinthians 1:4-5b)
4/16 The Color of Easter #HisLoveMatters
4/23 "Power of His Touch" (Luke 5:12-16)
4/30 "Responding to Rejection" (Luke 9:51-56)

To say that the month of April 2017 was a powerful time in which God did an incredible work through our ministry, would be a serious understatement. Not only were several barriers and dividing walls knocked down, but the glory of God's presence was made known and experienced by both believers and those new to the faith. The name of Jesus Christ was proclaimed before an audience of hundreds of people, as three different ministries and congregations came together to lift His Name on high...

Leading up to our grand Easter event, the three of our churches were so blessed to experience three different sermons; one from each of our 3 leading Pastors. For two weeks our pastors rotated, so that each congregation could become better acquainted with the Pastors and their families. But this rotation served an even greater purpose; we were blessed to listen to and take in an even bigger perspective of what Easter Sunday is truly all about. During this time our own head Pastor, Ajai Prakash, would travel to and preach at the other 2 churches involved in the Easter Service. 

Imitators of Christ

Pastor Rod Dooley (head Pastor of Oakhill Jackson Community Church) and his wife visited us first, and brought forth the message of imitating Christ Jesus, and how we are called to be in His likeness. Pastor Dooley delivered his sermon with such grace, compassion and testimony. He not only gave us biblical instruction and wisdom, but he shared his own life's relation to imitation. He opened up to us and shared how he'd imitate his own father growing up, and could only do this by spending more time with him. He drew the connection for us back into imitating the life of Jesus by explaining the importance of walking in the Spirit and living a life that glorifies and represents Christ in every facet. 

Be the Family

Our second guests were Pastor Daniel Wynn (head Pastor of Cedar Rapids Family Church) along with his wife their daughter. Pastor Wynn made it a point to declare that in Christ we are all family. He was able to draw the bold line in the sand between the lies and truths for those of us in the body of Christ. 

He gave us this diagram:
World view: Believe 》Become 》Belong
Truth: Belong 》Believe 》Become

IN CHRIST WE ARE ALL FAMILY! We must believe and embrace this truth. 

The major highlight of the month would come the following Sunday, April 16. After we as a church body gathered for our Good Friday Service, the stage was set for us to take part in delivering the greatest news this world has ever heard. The message of Jesus Christ's death and resurrection and His Salvation from eternal death. No longer are we bound to chains of sin, flesh and death. Freedom has come and ALL captives can be saved!

The Color of Easter

April 16 1.jpg

Our Easter Sunday Service was held at the Double Tree Hotel in Cedar Rapids, IA. All three churches (The Well, Oakhill Jackson, CRFC) came together, with all three worship bands and all three Pastors sharing the same stage for one great purpose. I want to help draw the picture to better illustrate how monumental this time was, and why it's such an important matter for the body of Christ to continue in this path. 

From first look, our three churches are very different, especially in regards to the cultural aspects. Even our pastors who, being very closely unified under God, come from such different backgrounds. If I may be so bold to say this, our churches are completely different on a racial and cultural level. Some would call Oakhill the "black church" and identify CRFC as the "white church". Then when characterizing The Well, they'd most likely call us the "mismatched church". But during this time in our nation and even the world, it was crucial for us to break through these racial and cultural barriers that separate us as people. As three churches we came together representing ONE COLOR and ONE NAME! We all bleed RED, whether you are brown, black, white, pink, yellow... etc. IN TRUTH, God's people come in all shapes, sizes, colors, gender, culture, background... But all are covered by the blood of JESUS. For this reason we can stand together as one people, praising the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

Hundreds of people attended this Easter Service and there's a video recap, recorded and broadcasted by the Fox 28 News Station. This was a divine and Spirit driven moment in time for us, as well as all those who were touched by it. The message, the worship, response and result(s)... to God be the glory! For He was the reason for it and was the driving force behind it all! 

Moving forward it is safe to say that if it be God's will, all 3 of these pastors and their congregations will continue working together to achieve even greater things for the glory of the Lord! 

The Power of His Touch

Responding to Rejection

The weeks following our Easter Service, our focus at The Well remained plugging in as team and praising God for all He's been doing throughout our ministry. The life of Jesus being our absolute focus, as Pastor Ajai preached back-to-back sermons from the book of Luke. First, focusing on the touch of Jesus, then turning to His response to the rejection Jesus faced throughout His ministry and life. 

God has now opened new doors for opportunites of service. We, as a team, will continually pursue the expansion of God's Kingdom and give new waters of life to the dead and dry lands of our cities, states and nation.