There is no doubt that the soul of our nation is at stake—its foundation is neglected; its people are divided, and its future is resting upon a generation that is compromised by disillusioned morality. Instead of accepting the status quo; however, the body of Christ must cry out for God to revive us once again. The United States has been at its best when its churches have been the strongest and when its people were the most spiritually alive. Our country desperately needs another outpouring of God’s Spirit.


In Revive Me, Ajai Prakash humbly and powerfully sounds the clarion call for America to return to biblical Christianity. God will not come to our nation, unless we first turn to Him with our whole hearts, in repentance and desperation, seeking His face like never before. The hope of the nation isn’t to be found in the political system or what the majority of the people are doing today; the hope of the nation is in Jesus Christ and His Spirit reviving the body of Christ once again. More than anything else in this time, America needs a genuine outpouring of God that changes our hearts, our churches, our cities, and our nation. Will you answer the call today?


Revive Me seeks to answer some compelling questions that need to be addressed in our day: What does it take to trigger revival? What does revival demand of us? How is it reflected in our lifestyle? What will lead us to revival? Perhaps most importantly, Revive Me clearly establishes the fact that a national revival is dependent upon the awakening, renewal, and revival of individual hearts. And once a fire is ignited in our hearts—like a raging wildfire consuming a forest—our churches, cities, states, and nation will be set ablaze with people who are driven to lead godly lives.


Pastor and author Ajai Prakash challenges readers to make a life-changing commitment to God—to cry out to Him and to respond in obedience to all He has required of us. Readers will be motivated to stop compromising with the world and strive for wholeness in Christ, pursuing godliness with their whole hearts. These men and women will be inspired to arise from hibernation and take responsibility to lead others to Christ. The Spirit of God’s chosen will be stirred to step up and carry the cross, leading to personal and corporate revival. For God’s promise still stands true today: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).



Revive Me is a well-needed wake-up call to a people and a nation that has fallen asleep and forgotten the principles on which it was founded and intended to be. America needs desperately, to remember and realize again this critical point.

-Troy Langos

Ex-Teacher, Singer/Musician and Author of Growing Up

North Liberty, IA


There are very few books that get to the heart of our nation’s problem—Revive Me is definitely one of those books. Having been in ministry with Pastor Ajai for over a decade, I can personally testify that his heart simply desires to see America revived for Christ. I firmly believe that when this book is read with a humble and contrite heart, it will awaken, renew and revive lives just like it has mine.

- Sunny Singh

Worship Leader

The Well of Iowa


Pastor Ajai Prakash to me is a man that is serious about his Lord Jesus! Nothing fake or religious about him. Pastor Ajai has taken a stand for America to be revived instead of standing for doom and gloom. He knows that revival begins with the individual and the church. I recommend hearing, watching or reading anything that Pastor Ajai Prakash has done. He will help lead you to the heart of the Lord!

- Rev. J D Warling

Station Manager

KSKB Radio Brooklyn, IA


Pastor Ajai writes from the heart and draws on the depth of his vast personal experience, from his native India, to his missionary journeys in the Middle East and the American Midwest. The Holy Spirit is truly evident in his life, his preaching, and his writing, and his passion for the Gospel drives every facet of his being. His hope for authentic revival is the focus of Revive Me—not a goal to fill our churches with lukewarm individuals—but to win souls for Christ one sinner at a time.

- Paul Langholz

Minister of Music (Christian Church); Choral Director (Clear Lake High School)

Clear Lake, IA