Please understand that God is giving you an amazing opportunity to become an integral part of a pioneering effort to revive this land for Jesus. We sincerely pray that you have this perspective as you become a part of ELIM house because it will be required to help facilitate and accomplish the mission of the house; which is to provide a home where you learn how to listen to the voice of God, heed to His word, and ultimately to live a life in obedience to His word for His glory and fame (the arrival to ELIM).


  1. Display a relentless faithfulness to God in all circumstances. (acquiring ‘rooted down’ faith).

  2. Become godly stewards of every facet of life. (work/school/ministry)

  3. Pursue excellence in the output of all facets of your lives for the glory of God. (developing your craft / talents, fostering and perfecting your spiritual gifts and acquiring the ability to become effective communicators for God through education)

Our hope is that you will grow both practically and spiritually.

You must realize that both elements are very critical and are dependent on each other. Practical disciplines will facilitate spiritual growth, and spiritual growth will empower you to go and display the glory of God out in the marketplace in practical ways. But before anything, know that becoming a part of the ELIM HOUSE implies that

you believe in Jesus as your personal savior and that you desire to grow in your relationship with Him under the mentorship of the leadership placed over you.

It is only after this basic foundation that we can pursue the rectification of the brokenness that we know you will be entering the house with.